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Where to Start?


I've been thinking about starting boxing or some sort of MMA for a while. I was wondering if anyone knew of any places close to Richmond VA where I could take beginner lessons. There is a MMA gym downtown, but that's not really a beginner place or for anyone younger than like 21.


I'm interested to hear an answer too, I'm in the same situation. I have lots of free time, been wanting to do something more serious than take some commercial Krav classes (I'm in LA and not VA, however).


It's called research. Go do it.

Richmond's a shit town, I'm sure there's plenty of boxing gyms.


Are you referring to MMA Institute?? If so,have you really researched their school?? I have a feeling you didn't. That's Amir Sadollah's old school....I don't see how its not really a "beginner place".....is it the atmosphere that bugs you??


Them's fighting words round here boy! Lol jk. There's alot of gyms in Richmond, and quite a few amateur fights if you feel so inclined at some point. Just open the phonebook and let your fingers do the walking.


Hahahahhaha. Hey now. Is what it is. The best boxing gyms are in the worst places.


True that