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Where to Start with Carb Cycling?

Please Help! Looking for some guidance on what to base my numbers off of to start carb cycling. Would really like to try it, but too confused by it. Thanks in advance!

There are dozens of articles on the topic on this website, one having been published about two weeks ago. Try the search engine or the articles section.

With all the articles available, what are you confused about?

Currently reading the one on Alain Gonzalez. Just wanted true testimonials from people other than the Authors themselves. Thanks

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It works great. It was awesome. You have to do it.

Hang on, I need to create another account and tell you how much it sucked.

Seriously. Make up your own mind. Do it, don’t do it. It’s up to you, not random internet guy.

My testimonial is that I lost 36 pounds with carb cycling for my first contest two weeks ago. You can catch me on Instagram with my account name @masmacros which shows all my progress with carb cycling. Also check my contest prep thread in the bodybuilding forum.

Wow thats awesome!!! Is this a “diet” you would recommend to drop BF% with someone in the upper teens for BF% to start. I know I’m asking a lot of ?'s but figured I’d ask instead of reading tons of articles

Thank you!

It depends on the condition of the person. If the person is overly fat, I do not think it’s necessary and the person can likely just drop fat by eating less with the same calories everyday. However, for the most efficient and fastest fat loss, then I say it’s the thing to do.

You don’t have to read tons of articles or books. Read a few articles and a book or two, and that’s it! Get Shelby Starnes Carb Rotation e-book (I think it’s ten bucks) or Tom Venuto’s Feed the Muscle Burn the Fat (30-something bucks, I think) to get a rundown on how it’s done. Or read an article or two from here.

I know you’d like answers, but if you want to do this on your own, it’s going to take some initiative. Either that or you can pay someone to guide you through it.

What is your condition like now? Do you have a picture? What’s your weight?

6’5 currently weigh 270
BF% 17-18%
Age 26

Been serious with workouts ever since college hoops have been done. Looking to zone in on diet. Currently doing John Meadows reactive pump. Strongest I have ever been, heaviest I ever been. Feel pretty “fluffy” I guess is what you can say.

Then pick ONE carb rotation strategy from a book or article and go with it.

Thanks for your help. Keep inspiring others!

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