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Where to Start with 5/3/1?


After reading lots of articles I like the look of 5/3/1 and would like to give it a go later this year. My current best lifts are 100kg 1RM and 80x6 for deadlift, 70x5 squat (not sure if I could do this now), 55x8 bench and 30x6 press.

My question is what variation of 5/3/1 should I start with? There's so many different ones that I don't know which is best, I will probably buy one of the books once I know which to get. I'd mainly like to increase my strength but I definitely wouldn't mind any size gains too.
Thank you in advance for any help.


If you e got a training base, start with the original program and the Triumvirate. By far the simplest way to start.


Thank you for your reply Jim, I'll give it a go and buy the original book.


do you recommend doing the triumvirate like originally written or with 5s PRO (and 531)? ((i meant 5x5 fsl sorry ))


No supplemental work at all - just main lift, PR set and assistance work.


thank you :slight_smile: !!!!!!!