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Where to Start (Powerlifting)?


Hey guys, Im interested in starting powerlifting but am having a hard time starting out. Is there any articles or programs that are good for beginners? I know of the Westside program but that doesnt seem like 100% powerlifting. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


How the fuck doesn't west side "seem like 100% powerlifting"? It was created just for that purpose. A good beginner's program is 5/3/1. Workout for a few cycles, see how you feel. Sign up for a competition (make sure it's RAW), and have fun. Also, it would be good to join a hardcore gym. You might have the privilege of meeting some powerlifters to take you under their wing.



Can i get a link to this 5/3/1?





Westside IS 100% powerlifting bro. 5-3-1 is pretty good too. So are a hundred other programs. Pick one and go crush big weight. Recover, repeat, profit.

Honestly, you can train on your own but you really need to find a gym with some powerlifters (not shitty ones) in it and become part of their group. The best way to get into PL is to get on board with guys who already know what they're doing. If you're anything like most beginners, you need to unlearn what you know now and re-learn how to do just about everything. It helps to at least know someone with experience who can guide you.


That link may help you find a gym and also some local meets.



Westside is one of the best powerlifting programs.


start out smartly a perfect form, read as much info as you can and apply what works for you


i meant 'and perfect form'!


x2 on form. Way more important than what program you're on in my opinion.


Where are you located? Because there is a meet in MO coming up march 12. its RAW


If your a real 'green' beginner then you'll need an introductory program which focus's first and foremost on basic strength and flexibility and getting your technique right in the three lifts.

This is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone starts somewhere, just don't go out and injure yourself whilst your starting out, like I did!


you just have to remember that everyone once started out where you are.