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Where to Start for Nutrition


Hi, i was just wondering where i can find help on a very clean, healthy diet to keep me losing weight. I went from being fat/chubby to i guess sort of chubby with somewhat muscle on me. But i still don't like some of this fat on me so i'll continue to bust my ass until i get it off and nutrition is a big part of it is what i heard. Ive been trying to eat clean and healthy to the best of my understanding.

Here is an example of my regular diet

Meal 1:

3x Fried eggs

Meal 2:

Protein Shake

Snack/meal : Granonla bar ( one with the least sugar and calories i can find )
Water bottle ( i drink alot of water, but i also drink it with a granola bar)

Meal 4: Whole wheat bread with some type of meat and lettuce and tomato on it.

Meal 5: Protein shake

Meal 6: Some type of meat my parents make that they put in the oven so theres less oil to the cooking


I'm not being rude, but learn to use the search function and do so. Your question has been thoughtfully answered in a variety of other threads, and all of the information you need to get a good start is definitely there.




yeah, read Berardi, Bowden, Poliquin, Shugart etc... read read read!

Oatmeal is very un-diet btw... Poliquin mentions something about that...

happy reading!


thanx, so do i just search in the above names and read the articles? ive began doing it with berardis kitchen part 1 and 2.


Or, you could click on home in the top left corner and click the yellow authors link at the top. There is also a nutirition link in there somewhere.


The word "Healthy" is as meaningful as the word "Love". You're going to find allot of contradicting articles. Just make sure you stick with one long enough to really decide if it's helping you reach your goal.


Telling a newbie to avoid oatmeal is ridiculous, especially when it's completely out of context.

OP, check out the articles by the authors previously mentioned to get yourself started in the right direction.


Meal 6 sounds delicious...


you are right, but I mentioned to look what Poliquin says about it. At any rate I'll give you that I was over-advising. the OP should read read read...


Do you just mindlessly regurgitate everything you read on this site?


Why is oatmeal bad, for a diet?


Because Poliquin said so! rolls eyes