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Where to Start Competing as a Natty?


I don't plan on doing any competitions for another year and 1/2. People I know have been suggesting I compete I don't feel I'm ready but figure I would research a little more of what it is about. I have some areas I still want to tweak so I figure in maybe a year and 1/2 I'll be ready to look into competing. If I'm competing it is for myself and to place not say I did a competition just cause and get last place.

Before I get comments there isn't nothing natural about natural bodybuilding I could careless if people cheat that isn't going to help me any worrying about cheaters. I have to do my thing the best I can.

What is confusing about Natural Bodybuilding is so many organizations exist. I don't know what to join. I would prefer which ever one gives drug screenings before a show. I'm under no delusion that people can't figure ways around it but it does make the odds a little more fair. The other thing is I don't know the pros and cons of each organization. Was hoping I could get some advice from some natural competitors thanks.


About drugs.

Random question if anyone can throw out an naswer...

How long afyer a cycle is over until you can pass a drug test?


there are different times posted all over the internet.. This is the most frequent one I find. since I dont use I dont know, Probably a question already answered in the pharma forum

  • nandrolone decanoate

18 months

  • nandrolone phenylpropionate

12 months

  • boldenone undecyclate
  • metehenolone enanthate
  • trenbolone
  • trenbolone acetate
  • injectable methandienone

5 months

  • testosterone-mix (Sustanon & Omnadren)
  • testosterone enanthate
  • testosterone cypionate

3 months

  • oxymetholone
  • fluoxymesterone
  • injectabel stanozolol
  • formebolone
  • drostanolone propionate

2 months

  • methandienone
  • mesterolone
  • ethylestrenole
  • noretadrolone

3 weeks

  • oxandrolone
  • oral stanozolol

3 weeks

  • testosterone propionate

2 weeks

  • testosterone undecanoate

1 week

  • clenbuterol

4 days


This won't be a question that is meaningful for me for about 4 years (my long term goal is to compete in a show in roughly 4 years), but this is finally a thread where the question is relevant and perhaps answerable:

Are people on TRT allowed to compete in natural bodybuilding competitions? I recently found out that my natural T levels are very low due to a nonfunctioning pituitary gland, and I will probably begin TRT in the near future. Will I ever be allowed to enter a natural competition? My T levels will at best be in the normal range, but it will obviously not be natural.


I've competed in the USBF and the WNBF. Typically I've been subjected to polygraphs before the morning prejudging, and then urinalysis before (or sometimes after) the evening shows. Most organizations will agree on about 90% of what's "not allowed", but some will differ as some OTC supplements can be viewed as questionable depending on how strict you want to be. Both orgs I've listed, as well as any others you may find (OCB, NGA, NANBF etc) have their own web sites, so you can always hunt down info online.

Additionally, as you've already said, worrying about people who try to 'beat the test' is just an exercise in futility. Some people always will, so just do this for yourself and leave it at that.



Thanks Stu