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Where to Start Bodybuilding Competition

hi there im 5’8" 210lbs I would like to start preps for may competition. im pretty new in this I have read a lot about cycles and stuff but I would like to hear from you guys who have some experiences already thank you E.

“cycles” are probably the last thing most people need to worry about -lol.

1- are you in decent enough shape top even consider doing a serious show, or is this a “it’d be fun” experience? (no disrespect intended with this question). I ask because I regularly see both groups of people at contests.

2- Have you been to an actual show, or are you going by magazine photos? I’ve seen people enter a contest with no real idea just what they’re getting themselves into. Seeing how impressive (and not impressive) competitors who do this “correctly” or not are on game day can be an amazing, or a sobering experience.

3- Have you assessed what competitors of your height look like in contest condition? When I was first toying with the idea of competing, I went through magazines with post it notes finding everyone who was my height, finding their stage weights, and honestly asking myself if I had the sheer muscle mass to look similar if I were to diet down to such an extreme.


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hi there yes I did the show last year and I feel pretty confident . im in a good shape I got good feedback from ppl who I spoke with I know im not that tall but competition is not only about height lol its about the look performance rite? what do you think I can start with ? I did competition naturally this time I want to bulk up a little bit . thank you for your response

You have to remember that bodybuilding is all “an illusion.” What I mean by that is that no one will get onstage and measure your arms, tape your calves, see how tall you are or what you weigh,… it’s all about how you look. That’s why conditioning and posing can factor in so much. If you’ve prepped properly, you’ve retained almost all (if not all) of your muscle, which means that despite weighing (sometimes much) less, you actually look bigger. If you’ve learned hot to pose for your individual physique, you’ll be able to hide relative weak points and draw attention to strengths. I used to joke about making myself look “better than I actually was.”

IMO you need to honestly assess where you are currently as. Are you a real mess compared to a contest level bodybuilder, or are you already one of the leanest guys in your gym? Having some idea of what guys your height look like can be immeasurable. Obviously you may end up looking drastically different than they do, but it can be a starting point.

I’m a little hesitant to throw out my own contest stats, because by my last show, I had 2 pro cards and a pretty decent series of 1st place wins,… not your average “yeah, I like to compete” gym rat I suppose (in hindsight).

Still, I will say that most guys your height fall in either light, middle or if they’re serious monsters (rare), light-heavyweight classes. Lightweight is 150-160 lbs. MIddle is 160-176 lbs. Bear in mind though that every guy you see in those classes has already come down in weight 15-30 lbs from their usual walking around condition. In my current avatar pic, I weighed in at 175.4 lbs, and then probably hit the stage a few lbs heavier (water and carbs). My usual weight was 205, with all abs visable (not deep, but visible enough that my brothers gave me crap for being “too lean” in my off seasons).

Again, I’m not throwing all my stats in here because I don’t want you thinking you need to match mine (or anyone else’s!) You could come in much lighter than I was and look a lot bigger in the process!


hi there
thank you for your feedback. can you tell me at kind of cycle I should start with and when should I start the cutting ? I m pretty good with regime of the exercises and I work on my poses - this portion of the show I am not worried about . Like I said before I want to start on steroids - I all the reading and studies says different things that iw why im reaching out to you as an expert you might give me some suggestions. if I would go on 8 week cycle which one would be good for me and when should I start ro be ready for the show ? what kind of diet are you using? thank you R.

If you want steroid advice you should post in the pharma section

good idea thank you !!!

pics are from 2015 NPC Philadelphia Classic

Do you have money for pricier stuff like GH? What is the prize money if you win or place top 3?

To be brutally honest your conditioning is mediocre in those pics -blurry abs, no glute-ham separation etc I would do one more show as a natural and learn to come in super shredded first

we all started from somewhere rite? im asking for suggestions if it comes to cycle kind. R.

pics are from 2015 NPC Philadelphia Classic

Yeah, definitely get better PED advice in the other forum. I’m certainly not the guy to tell you what to do there.

I will agree with the comment about your previous contest pics though, you could have been much tighter, which has a lot to do with diet and training than “extras” like what gear you’re running.

Best of luck.


hi there thank you for honest opinion I know I was not ready - I wanted to compete to have that experience and to be ready for the next show. appreciate your feedback . R .

For information on steroids search “shadow pro 1.0”. He also has threads 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. They are GREAT READS for people new to steroids, and you can ask him any steroid related question in the 4.0 thread and he will answer you! He will help you design a cycle with proper post cycle therapy so you do not harm yourself in the process. He will also help you take a REALISTIC look at if you really are advanced enough and ready to do a cycle or not.

thank you I def check it out !!!

like I set that was my first show ever u can expect perfection from that thank you for al your comments