Where to Start After a Break?

I was reading an article on the 10 rules of corrective lifting and I came across this.

“9. Ben has a training age of seven years, yet he’s lifting with the volume that would typify a program from a newbie who just picked up his first muscle magazine. The longer you’ve trained, the less you can do; it’s just that simple. Advanced lifters recruit more muscle fibers than novice and untrained lifters, so every rep “counts” more toward accumulated fatigue and the overall training effect.”

I recently started (2 months ago) training again after about a year and a half off, with sporadic lifting during the time. Before then I had been training for around 5-6 years, should I consider myself a novice or experienced?

Somewhere in between. Or not. Look, don’t let that or any other bit of trivial matter get in the way of hitting your workouts.

I’d tell you to pick a basic routine (partial to Bill Starr linear 5x5) and get to it. It’s real easy to get caught up in the details and it’s just as easy to screw up months of potential productive training by focusing your energies in the wrong areas.

Don’t give your question another thought. Just train hard, sleep long and eat much (it’s really that simple a lot of the time).