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Where to Put the Deadlift?


Now I designed a complete workout split in three days,that rotates like this :
upper body A,legs,upper body B,legs, A , legs , B , legs...

(Mondays,wednesdays and fridays)

the leg day is always the same :
Squat , leg curls , leg extensions , calfs ,abs

Upper body (A)

Shoulder press
bicep curls
lateral raises (shoulders)
bench press
rear shoulders

Upper body (B)

Front raises
lateral raises
vertical row / or pulley
rear shoulders

I like it because I designed it all by myself (I didn't like the workouts I found on the net).
It focuses mostly on shoulders because I have narrow shoulder and I'd like to get "wider".

I know (learned here on T-Nation) that the deadlift is very important, where should it go ? on leg day ?


every 3 weeks switch squats for deadlifts and leg press.


or have 4 days, 2 upper, 2 lower, and deadlift one leg day and squat the other


Ok thanks guys, I'm going to alternate squats and deadlifts