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Where to Put the Clean and Press?


hey guys, I'm currently in the midst of putting together my summer training program. I lift 4 days a week, two upper days and two lower days.
Anyway without getting into too much detail, I want to incorporate the clean and press into one of my lower days, but I can't decide if I want to put it at the beginning of the day that revolves around squats or the day that revolves around deads.

I know that if I were interested in size then it makes more sense to put it on the deadlift day as they are both hip oriented movements. However my goal is bigger numbers..
what makes more sense?


Before deads. They will basically be speed dead work…

Also, depending on how you “press” you may want to drop some of the volume on the press day before this workout. Just a thought.


I prefer using Power Cleans in my lower body day, mostly as a DE mostly for potentention,CNS activation etC.Sometimes with max effort too.But if you are talking about clean AND press it wouldnt be a good idea, if an upper body day had followed/will follow.

An idea is to use power/full/hang Cleans with the Lower Body trainings and Push Press/Jerk with the Upper Body days, for DE as i told befor or even as a ME exercise.
Also dont forget snatches for that work too.Personally, i love them dude.
Stay Heavy


Pair them with deads dude.


This really kind of depends on what you define as a clean and press. Specifically:

-Are you cleaning from the floor or doing a hang clean?

-Are you cleaning and pressing the bar each time or do you clean once and then press for reps?

-Are you doing the clean and press for a max single or reps?

If you’re focusing more on the clean then I agree with Andrew.Cook that you can use it as speed work before the deadlift. This is dependent tho on how much weight you will be using.

If you’re focusing more on the press aspect then put it on an upper body day.

Good luck to thee!


I do them at the end of me workout really light for conditioning only. I don’t go above 135lbs. But I’m also rehabbing from a bad back…so it’s SUPER light typically at like 115lbs. Weak huh? lol


How much ya’ clean?
How much ya’ press?

If you clean a lot more than you press (which I’m guessing) it’s more or less an upper-body lift with the added benefit of a bit of technique-training in the clean.