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Where to Put Power Jerk in a Program?

I always avoided the jerk because I’ve never been properly coached in it and it looked way too complicated, but now I’ve been coached a little in the power jerk and I find it a really fun lift to do. It seems analogous to the push press and that’s where I’ve been programming it, but obviously they are different lifts in a lot of ways. Is there anything I’m missing out on by skipping a push press day to power jerk instead? Should I sub it for a different exercise instead?

I can’t answer that since I do not know what your program looks like, which lifts you are using on what days, etc.

I personally do not see the power jerk as similar to a push press… yes both use the legs and arms to get the barbell overhead, but they are different lifts and are not necessarily interchangeable.

Which one is best for you (or if you need both) is dependent on your goal.