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Where to Put Power Cleans in my Workout

I have been getting ready to start a new workout routine and have been have a little problem. I am just starting power cleans and have no idea where to fit them into my training.

The training routine looks like this:
Sun: Deadlifts (heavy), Chins, Rows, Biceps and calves
Mon: Squat (the Hungarian oak leg blast)for time, Leg ext, HS curls
Tues: bench press (heavy), incline bench, shoulder press, skullcrushers, seated calf raises
Wed off
Thurs same as Monday
Fri decline d-bell press, pullups, incline d-bell press, cable rows,side laterals, tricep press, d-bell curls, calf raises.
Sat off
Fri is light higher rep day (8-12) where as sun and tues are heavy low rep day (1-5)

Any suggestions would be appreciate. FYI I am trying to increase mass in conjuction with strength.

I was just looking over my routine and answered my own question:)