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Where to Pick Up a Tire? And What Weight?

I’ve recently become very interested in WSM and the events the competitors do. Me and my friend want to incorporate tire flips into our workouts this summer.

What weight tire would you recommend for a beginner?
My squat is only 305 and deadlift is 325x2

I’m assuming i can head to my local junk/scrap yard and look around for some tires?

I believe that’s your best bet for acquiring one, if you can take it off their hands they’ll probably be more than happy to let you have it on the cheap or for free.

As far as weight, hell, I dunno. Depends on the make of the tire, to a degree. Shorter/fatter tires are easier and thus more weight would be required where as a long/thin tire of similar weight would be much more difficult.

And I suppose a fair question would be, do you want it for conditioning purposes or as a max out type implement?

Where in Wisconsin are you? I have one I might be willing to part with.

Currently at college in Whitewater, but I live in Menomonee Falls.

Look for a autoshop that deals with heavy machinery tire replacement. I got mine in town at such a place for $20. They brought it to me so cost a little. I don’t know exactly how heavy it was but I would say about 200-250lbs maybe more. I wasn’t as strong as you when I got mine, really didn’t have trouble flipping it for 4 reps…until the city took trashed it because it was in the bushes at a very low traffic local park. People complain about the smallest things.

EDIT: I’ll send you a pic when I get home to give you a idea how big it was.

Well, if you’re interested in making the trip to Milwaukee, I have a ~600 pound tire I’m willing to let go.