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Where to Order Bloods From?

Well, since my damn Physician won’t order Estrogen (he says he is not allowed to) I guess I’m going to have to pay out of pocket and I have good insurance.

What’s the best place to order from? We have Lab Corp here locally.


All go through lab corp, i dont actually think you can go through lab corp directly. You need to purchase through a third party.

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Thanks champ, will the normal E2 test work or do I have to do sensitive E2

I don’t think the difference is much so go for the sensitive. I think it’s a 20 dollar differential.


This is what I use. My HRA even paid for it. Walked in, no questions asked. Got my results in about a week

I use PrivateMD too. Get the women’s menopausal labs, I usually get my results the next day.

lef.com has their annual blood work sail going on now.

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Lef.com has a sale, does anyone reccomend some labs I should get done? I already have all the Test labs etc… estradiol?

Get the female menopausal panel. I use that for TRT dosing.

Ever get strange looks when you give blood? lol

Nada, at 6’ 6" and 350± pounds, they just do what they need to get the blood. haha

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@yankee111516 CHEKD.com is the cheapest, and a licensed health practitioner draws your blood in your home, which is more convenient than going to a lab.