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Where To Next?


Hi Everybody

I have noticed lately with T-Nation articles that they are getting low rating's. I was thinking about it and thought, is there much more to talk about bodybuilding and training wise?
There is only so many times u can write a program for muscle gain,fat loss,powerlifting etc...

So have we come to a hault in the way where just about everything has been talked about regarding bodybuilding?

So i ask where to next for T-Nation and bodybuilding in general?


K of K


Hmm, how's Dave Tate doing these days?

Oh wait, that would be just like the fanboy magazines - except for the fact that Dave's not a gay or transgender prostitute (in the case of female bodybuilding pros). Nor does he barbeque people in the trunk of his car. Cattle, perhaps, but not people.

Still... ah, who am I kidding, I want to hear how he's doing. Berardi??

Anyways, we can always talk more about nutrition. There's more to food than to body movements. And we can talk shit about how flabby and stupid is the rest of the world. There's no limit there either!

Good times, good times.


I remember by the end of high school I head read lots and lots of training and nutrition articles and I thought "damn I pretty much know everything there is to know".

Then I went to college and got degrees in exercise and nutrition majors, and I thought "damn I pretty much know everything there is to know".

Then I came to T-Nation, and I've read a shitload of training and nutrition articles, and I thought "damn I pretty much know everything there is to know".

And tomorrow, there will be another article and I'll say "wow, I didn't know that."

And in case you're disappointed with the current articles, there's about 6 years worth of them in the archives...


Good point. I think it was worse this time last year when we were bombarded with roughly 10 different training programs at a time. I think the a couple of advances will be made in the next 5 years(the last 5 have been pretty good too). 1.Full Body vs Specialization will be worked out. Which is better and when should one be used. Frequency of workout(balance between over and undertraining) effects will also be studied. 2.Steriod use will be figured out and become more regular. 3. Injuries resulting from the current bodybuilding craze(its the thing to do) will have to be fixed and researched. 4. The perfect post workout drink will be attained. Ratios and solutions will be figured out


Very good post.



I never said i was disappointed with the articles jack,i was just saying about the rating's. I have been through the archives section,i love doing this when i bored.

Im not complaining at all ,it was just a person who posted in the new Thib article who said something like "another training article YAWN"
That post just got me thinking thats all.

Stay cool

K of K


Jack? Nothing I said in my response was in any way inflammatory towards you. Man there are some emotionally touchy people around here...

Anyway, about the kind of people that write things like "yawn" in response to an article on here:

To those people, I'd like to remind them that T-Nation is open to article submissions from anyone. If I remember correctly, that's how Waterbury got his start here.

If you're so incredibly brilliant that an article by one of the contributors here makes you yawn, feel free to submit your own. Otherwise, shut up, learn some humility and realize you don't know half of what you think, or go somewhere else. Or even better, a combination of all 3.


There was an article written in a scientific journal in the early 1900's discussing how man had reached the point where no more technological advances could be made...


to new fronteirs brotha. constantly questioning and requestioning everything we think we know. So much To much is not and may never be proven it damn exciting IMO to see what we have to learn/relearn/unlearn as time passes.


Are u thick?

I never said a article made me yawn? i was just pointing out what someone else wrote.
I really liked Thib's new article for your information.

Never said i was incredibly brilliant either? Are u on something?

Next u will be saying i called u a bad name and will get your panties all in a knot :smiley:

Look im not looking for a internet fight with ya,it was just a harmless post asking a question.

So mate just relax

K of K


How ironic that you ask if I'm "thick", because you're kind of missing the point...

Neither my first post, nor my second, was directed towards you. It was directed towards people in general, for the love of all things holy.

If perhaps you'd read more closely, I used terms like "the kind of people" and "to those people". That indicates that I'm directing it towards the people that are saying "yawn", or the people who think they're brilliant, not you.

I'm quite relaxed, don't worry. Just don't be so touchy and we can avoid such a confusion in the future.