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Where to Look for Info?


On every forum on every site, the guys that actually know their shit tend to constantly say ...Do your research. Well now-a-days everything you can access is about all the negative side effects of steroids. So therefore where do you recommend us guys who dont know a thing about steroids to go? Any info about the subject would be greatly appreciated.


I agree with you if we cant ask here who do we have. Has anyone seen or heard of green anadrol tabs or caps


Stickied threads. Dictionary. Pubmed. BioChem books. Wikipedia. Forum posts. "Guru" books (a little).


^Thanks Bonez, Guru books (a little)??


Anabolics 200X

Dan Duchaines book

They have good info but it gets outdated somewhat.


O OK he also has the handbook, would it be helpful to read that as well, or is that outdated to the point that it is of no good use?


^^o never mind


green anadrol?




As Bonez mentioned the stickies on this site are great resources for the steroid newbs of the world. I myself was once a newb and now only consider myself slightly seasoned. Just be respectful, ask questions that aren't all ready answered in the stickies and you will learn as much as you want to.
Good Luck, and have fun!


Thanks for the advise man, and the other day i was just reading around on a sticky and came across advise for newbs to read An Abbreviated History of Anabolic Steroids. I read to about pg 20 last night from the small info i do know it seemed pritty good, but i was wondering if you had ever herd of it or know if it is any good?


google "steroid profile"