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Where to Lift in Frederick, MD?


I've gotta make a business trip to Frederick, MD next week, and need somewhere to work out a couple of days. I'll just be benching/doing some dumbbell complexes, so I won't need any squat racks or deadlift friendly places. Can anybody recommend a place that will let me pay for a couple of visits? Or slip me a couple of free passes? Or at least tell me where to stay away from?


Stay away from Planet Fitness.



I have a buddy in Fredrick. I'll shoot him a text to see what is out there. But I got the impression the pickings are slim.


There's a Gold's. There is another one he is aware of, but can't remember the name. As far as he knows there are only those two


If you want to squat/deadlift or do barbell complexes, there's Central Maryland Gold olympic weightlifting. I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting you squat for a day or two. I feel clubs and dungeons are a much better bet for letting you just stop in and not charging an arm and a leg.



cool; thanks for the tips


Don't know, but here's a "Frederick, MD" story.

When I was in grad school in New Mexico, I drove from NJ to NM several times. On my last leg driving east back to NJ, I decided I would only eat "Reuben" Sandwiches.

By far, the best Reuben I got during the trip (and I believe the best one I ever had) was at a place in Frederick, MD called "Joe's Diner". I think it's closed up now (this would have been about 12 years ago). But it was new-ish at the time, decorated in 50's retro. All the food was pretty good there.

That's all I got for this thread.


Try the Hall of Warriors


is that the name of the club? got an address?