Where to Learn?

I have been weightlifting for about 10 years, and bodybuilding for about 6… 26 yrs old
5’8 210 lbs with 10 bf
squat pr is 550 last summer, bench 300 this summer, dl 600

looking to possibly cut using something such as winstrol… i am interested in obtaining and learning about steroids. not trying to be a douche here, i am not saying “where do i find these i wanna take them rigth now”… all i am saying is how do i educate myself on these fuckers?

i want to know more about them, how to understand proper dosages, where to buy them, etc…After watching bigger, faster, stronger:the movie last yr, it makes it seem as if anabolic steroids are simple to order online or find even anywhere. however, this past week i have found that all sites i have seen seem to be looking sketchy as shit. i plan on doing my homework on steroids and eventually taking them.

if there are any books, sites, blogs, all out info you could send me, etc. on the education of steroids i would love to have those links privately messaged to me, thatd be awesome guys.

with intentions to learn*

Read forums, use google, that’s the best way.

Well, have you read all the stickies at the top of this forum? There is a great start there. Or pick up one of the editions of William Llewellyn’s Anabolics.

On another note, steroids don’t get you cut, diet does.

There’re many great sites to check out. Like was said, use google and you’ll stubborn upon them. And finding a source online is hard as fug, but still the most likely place you’ll run into one. Can’t really give you more advice than that…