Where to Inject Nebido?

I wonder where on the body you inject. The buttock self-injecting seems impossible to me. Is there no danger for scar tissue when injecting weekly?

There’s going to be scar tissue built up over time no matter what, at least with IM. How large is your injection (mL)

I use a 27g x 13mm insulin syringe inject weekly in the thighs. I alternate thighs each week. I have had no issues so far with scar tissue.

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Do you inject Nebido with an 27g?

Yes 27g, it is slow to draw about two minutes and about 30 seconds to inject.
My levels are now very stable and .6ml weekly gets my testosterone levels up towards the top of the range.

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Do you warm it up before injecting? Yo me they said you can only inject with 22g or 23g. Even 25g would be too small they said to me. Good to hear IT works for you

I don’t heat it up. It is a slow process drawing it out of the bottle. I inject 1ml of air into the vile first and that seems to help. I don’t even feel the 27g and less scar tissue I’m sure. So worth the extra time to draw once a week in my opinion.

Hi there. Thank you very much for your tips.

Maybe i have some usefull tips for you as well. You can draw it up with a 22g gauge and when the vial is full you change IT for a 27 g.

Also you can self-inject in the glutes, but maybe you have to use the 23g needle for that

BTW, do you have to be very lean to inject with a 27g?

I use insulin pins, you can’t remove the needle from the syringe it is fixed in place.
I find it easier injecting the thighs than the glutes.
The gauge of the needle shouldn’t be a problem if you are carrying more fat, but the length of the needle maybe if you are trying to inject intramuscular.

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My Nebido is very tick (castor oil). I live in The Netherlands. Were are you from. Maybe the oil differs