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Where to Inject HCG? Before Test or After?


Is it ok to inject into stomach fat or into muscle? How long does it take to start working? And is it better before test shot or after.


No need to inject IM. SC proven with clinical research to be very effective for low dose in males. No need to be damaging muscles.

Product literature is all biased for IM injections, because of the focus of women injecting 3-5000iu all at once to trigger ovulation for artificial insemination or IVF.

Timing does not mater if injected EOD.

Read the protocol for injections sticky and tell us about the rest of your protocol.


My DR is pretty knowledgeable and open to getting me the #'s that are optimum. Just started last week at .5ml test, per wk and .2ml (sticky said 20 units my syringe only in mls) hcg twice a week. also half an arimodex a wk which i divide and take E3D from reading on here, and i divided my test injection to E3D. After 3weeks i am to increase test to .75ml and i'm to retest at 3 weeks. i don't have my numbers from labs am going to ask for them. I know my total test was 168 that's about all i remember. he also put me on 30 milligram armour thyroid. and 5000iu D3.

One weird thing is my nipples are hard not itchy or sore just a little sensitive to touch.


Rule of thumb is that one needs 1mg anastrozole/Arimidex for every 100mg test ester per week. Sounds like you have some estrogen effects. Suggest that you take 1mg/week to go with your 100mg T/week.

To avoid confusion, always report doses in mg's or actual iu's, not ml's or insulin syringe iu's; because not all drugs are the same concentration.

Why is your doc taking you to 150mg/week without testing? If you do that, you will need to increase anastrozole to 1.5mg/week.

Assuming that T is 200mg/ml and your hCG is 1000iu/ml.

Post ranges with your labs when you get them.


Interesting. I'm curious about this two.

Not to hi-jack but is Estradiol still the culprit with symptoms like that? Or is it strictly puffy/sensitive nipples?

I've had the hard, sensitive. Rubbing against shirt is uncomfortable feeling.


Thanks ksman for replying. These measurements are all greek to me. i'm on 0.5 mls per week isn't that 50 millagrams? increasing to 0.75 after three wks. it say's 20 units on an insulin syringe hcg biweekl, please help me understand these measurements i have no experience with any of this. my syringes are in MLS.

.5ML =

20 units =



Read the label for the T, it will state the mg's per ml, most often it is 200. Some is 100mg/ml.

hCG comes dry and needs to have water added. Typical mix is 1000iu per ml. "12.5" on an insulin syringe would then be 125iu. Some mix to 2000iu/ml and then inject 1/2 of the volume.

Study these things until they make sense.


Thanks ksman; I found the info i needed and determined i'm on 100 milgrams test weekly,and 1000 iu hcg per week. I divided into E3D on both. interesting how my Dr (who is on the same stuff i am) is taking me up to 150 mlgrams test after three weeks.


150mg of T is ok. More than that would be pushing it. 1000iu of HCG a week is way to much. That's almost an HCG monotherapy dose. 500iu a week of HCG is plenty.