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Where to Include Rotator Cuff Exercises?


Hello everybody hope you all have a blessed day i am here asking where to include rotator cuff exercises and with where i mean in what workout this is my current split by now:

Day 1:Chest/Back

Day 2:Legs/triceps

Day3: Shoulders/Biceps

Should i include this kind of exercises in Day 1 or in one of the others??


Do them in between warm up set of chest and back or at the start of your session or At the end!! Same goes for the day you train shoulders you can put it in either of those days! You will actually find that the primary movements feel a lot smoother staggering your rotator cuff work inbetween sets!! But honestly you can put rotater cuff work at the start or end of either of these workouts no probs!


I do two sets of 20 every morning while I make breakfast. Not sure what they’re called, involves a theraband around my wrists and bringing my arms over my head. I also do pull aparts between warmup sets for bench and press, making sure to add a bit of rotation at the end.


Also from my experience there is no better way of keeping your shoulders healthy than doing power snatches at the start of each session where you maybe doing pushing exercises! In all honesty rotater cuff work external rotations with bands or dunbell never did much for me! But my shoulders were bullet proof from doing power snatches from hang it strengthens those rotaters amazingly and keeps the strength ratio in check as I don’t see how doing 5kg dunbell external rotation can balance out the weight that you bench or overhead press! So I believe that everyone should learn to power snatch if they want healthy shoulders plus amazing mobility in the shoulder girdle. Anyway just another option for you


Thank you very much for the replies guys well i never did olympic lifts in my life, if i am going to do them someday i will look for a coach who could help me with the technique.


Yes the power variations are easier to learn but a coach is a good idea.


I always suggest a coach when learning the Olympic lifts. Personally I also do rotator cuff work several times a week at the end of my sessions. I personally like the cable external shoulder rotation using the “shoulder horn”. I normally do 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps 3-4 times a week. I also do macebell/shouldeRok swings at the beginning of my workouts 2-3 times a week.