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First off, thanks for reading, I’m starting to feel like the only person on earth that’s having hormonal issues, and this is the best forum that I’ve come across.

I’m 47, been on Cialis for 4 years, 215 lbs and 6’2", pretty active. I’m always tired, like 1 hr after waking up on a Saturday morning, and wanting to go to sleep tired. I went to my annual physical and the Dr said that my thyroid was out of wack. So did a bunch of blood work. TSH was OK, but testosterone FSH and LH were low. thyroid is fine. But an MRI revealed some cysts, one of them is inside of my pituitary gland. So I went to an awesome neurosurgeon who says I’m fine for now, to see him every year, and asks why I’m not on T yet. I said he was first a Endocrinologist is next. He tries to set up an appointment but everybody was booked for 6-7 weeks, he said that’s way too long. Anyways I was able to get into another endo, he does blood work (early, but after coffee with cream and sugar, and a super big workout the day before) and my T went to 440 from 288. He says I’m perfectly normal. I felt good leaving (kind of), so I went home on a Friday afternoon and slept for 3 hours because I was tired. I also had my vision checked normal at a eye Dr. I Just had a checkup from my Dr. so he can come up to speed on my condition. He wanted me to go on HRT, but through a specialist, which don’t exist in Louisville. He made one appt., but they don’t use insurance, so he made another with a different endo, for the middle of next month. Reasearching show no male HRT, just typical endo stuff.

I have every single symptom of low T, and I can’t even tell you how much hair I’m loosing everyday. Like from head to toes. I’m also slightly broken out from my upper chest to the top of my head. And nearly half my eyebrows are gone. For 4 years the only time I get morning wood (or any wood) is if I had Cialis the day before. I have great insurance, and super general Dr., but still I feel like crap.

My estrogen is also high. And I don’t even need a stinking test to know that. Sensitive nipples, teary eyed watching every chick flick, hoot flashes.

How in the world do I get help? My Dr. doesn’t know too much about HRT. or what I need or how much. Yes I read all the stickies, and have a good starting point, but somebody has to write the scripts. I’m not interested in holistic, laser treatments, or even expensive compounding injections. Why is it so hard to understand T is needed, T goes to estrogen, and HGC to keep the balls? I’m open to suggestions. I’m also tired, and tired of the endo games.

If there is a Dr. in Louisville that is interested in helping me, please send me a message, or post how I can get a hold of you. Thanks you.