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Where To Go With Squats?


Hi there.
I'm needing a bit of advice.
I'm doing the Real Fast Fat Loss regime and enjoying the work involved.
Since starting the programme I have steadily increased my number of squats(real deep ones too,with excellent form :)) and am now doing an even hundred every time I hit the gym.
My question is this....is there anytthing I can do with my squats instead of just incrementally increasing the number by 10,15 or 20 every time I visit the gym?

Cheers for any feedback.


How about taking the weight up.........


I'm not squatting with any weight...perhaps 5 or 10 kilo dumb bells in each hand might make a difference!


Or even just the bar on your back. Something to challenge the muscles alittle more atleast.


either dumbells in your hand, or barbell on your back. if you're doing a hundred bodyweight squats, it's time to add some weight.


Increasing your reps past 15 moves you into the endurance training zone, unless your goal is "most bodyweight squats", then doing less reps with more weight will give you better results.


All good advice...thank you.