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Where To Go When Hurting?


I've never seriously been hurt or injured while lifting (knock on wood), but I've occassionally had nagging pains in my neck and my shoulder. Most of the time it's tolerable, but at times I can get serious headaches.

So, I thought I could go see my doctor about my nagging injuries, but he did absolutely nothing to help me. Basically, he told me that lifting heavy weights is bad for your joints and I should just do cardiovascular work. He then promptly wrote me a prescription for Motrin 800mg three times daily as needed. Thanks for the help, buddy.

I would go see a chiropractor, but my insurance will only cover the visits if I get a referal from my primary physician. I've been to a couple of doctors already, and they all think along the lines that heavy weightlifting is bad and my pains would go away if I stayed away from the weight room and took some Motrin.

So, I'm just curious, who do you guys turn to when you have an injury?


Try to find a good physical therapist, good luck though since it has to come from your doctor's referral.


Alot of old school docs feel the way you describe. Its your body you are entitled to other opinions through any insurance.

You also owe it to yourself to find a Doc you like some times it takes a while. I would also encourage you to take a more proactive stance with your doctor and tell him you want him to take you serious or you are going else where. He is obligated to help you it's his oath don't ever settle for "weightlifting is bad for you go take an asprin!"

You don't happen to be a HMO patient do you?


HMO SUCKS! Health insurance is so damn expensive that it's the only thing that we can afford.


I use ART. My ART doc is a Chiropracter, but I suppose you may be able to find a "doctor" who is certified. My insurance covers it, I pay a $20 copay. There's a website that will list all the ART's in your area.


I would go, but my crappy plan requires a referal through my primary care physician before going to an ART doc.


Trust me I understand, bringing up the HMO wasn't a dig on you I asked because HMOs often encourage Doctors not to give certain tests etc. So that may explain your docs ambivalance.

I hope you get things worked out.

best of luck to you.


Go to a new dr. Don't mention weightlifting. Say things about how your spine and neck feel painful and you're getting headaches, plus can't sit down or stand for long periods without pain.

Basically say everything but "I want a referral to a chiropractor" and hope for the best!


Luckily for me I live in the great country of Canada where health care is free (as long as you pay your taxes). But to not get into a patriotical debate. Chiropractors are definetly a weight lifters best friend. A few treatments and no more pain.

So good luck with finding a doctor that knows alittle about weight lifting and will send you to a chiropractor ASAP.


Well I also live in a great country where health care is free; and that even includes if you don't pay your taxes.


What about a DO? Don't Doctors of Osteopathy have a little more "leeway" in their treatments?