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Where To Go Training Wise?





Bodyfat: 9%


My training background is as follows. I started fooling around in the gym when I was 18 and didn't really grow, I just got a lot leaner and stayed around 160lbs. Then, I found rippetoes starting strength about a year ago and did that for about 5 months. When I stopped rippetoes my bench was 170, my squat 200 and my deadlift was 350(I know, sad lifts).

While doing rippetoes I ate like a horse. I did GOMAD, ate at Wendy's every day, and went up to 190lbs. While I was initially happy with the weight/strength gain, I gained a lot of fat and my glutes got way too big. I'm not exagerating when I say that. I have a 30 inch waist and I was having trouble fitting into 36 inch pants because of my ass.

Seriously, nothing fit. I stopped training legs as a result and stopped going to the gym shortly there after due to financial issues. For the last 6 months, I've basically been doing body weight circuits(pull-ups, handstand pushups,etc..) and a lot of sprinting at the beach. So I'm pretty fit and lean, but obviously underweight for my height.

I'm going to starting going to a gym again next month and I really want to get stronger and bigger, but after what happened with rippetoes, I'm pretty petrified about doing squats and deadlifts. I'm not sure if my glutes/thighs hypertrophied a lot or I just stored a lot of fat there, but needless to say I don't want it to happen again. I've got my glutes down to a normal size and I dont want them to grow any more.

I would feel bad not training my legs as I love deadlifting, so I was thinking I would start doing leg exercises again with a very low volume. I would appreciate any advice.


Train with a logical split, gain the usual 3-5lbs a month, but this time don't eat like a slob and if your glutes were the only thing growing then you probably just had bad form. Work on it.

It's not like your "glutes" are going to blow up and become huge overnight, so it's dumb to avoid training because you're worried about it.


Pretty much this.

Seriously, I doubt that your glutes got that big. At 190lbs when you're 6'.5", your gluts could not have been that big. Plus, your squat was only 200 lbs.