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Where To Go In TJ?

the veterinary supply store i use to visit no longer carries anything…does know a place

slimjim’s pharmicia, its right around the corner from slimjim’s whorehouse

I’m there. What’s the whorehouses’ hours?

I went about two months ago and my favorite place has closed down permanently. I found two places out of about 7 that were open and had legit QV and a few other brands left.

Prices were high, their stock was limited and they said once they run out that’s it. You can PM me if you want to know their locations but I don’t know that they would still currently have much.

On a positive note I was told by one of the vets that Sydgroup would be distributing again with a full line of products and a new company called Export Pharma would be distributing a full line of products as well. Both may be in stock already since it’s been a couple of months.

I did see some fakes, Pet’s Pharma and bottles of T-400 with no box, no holograms, crooked labels with edges that looked like they were cut with scissors or a razor blade. Hope that helps.

can you give me the name of the place where you go in tj. i just went down there and there products have changes i did not see any qv pet pharma, denkall, or animal power

Stay away, not worth it anymore. Tons of fakes, way higher prices, and you can still get caught bringing it back. Much better off going with a good domestic source. If you want cheap, go UG.