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Where to Go From Here?


Goal is to achieve that “aesthetic” physique. Just want to look good with my shirt off Not sure if I should cut down for summer or not?

Open to any and all advice! Thanks, guys!


Do not cut under 10% you will have abs and make most people look bad so you will be all set.
Once you hit 10% clean bulk and add as much quality muscle as you can!
Do not limit your gains trying to maintain your body fat under 9% you will be able to grow and look great you need muscle train smart and eat!!!


so would you recommend me to keep cutting and then bulk up or start bulking now?


Maintain this level of Bodyfat and continue to add calories slowly you don’t need to be cutting or bulking add quality food in and continue to increase callories as long as your not gaining Bodyfat after summer is over go into full blown bulking still keep it clean. Also don’t eat like your in prep make sure you eat your fats have whole eggs and steak don’t be afraid of whole milk your body needs food to reach it’s potential if you always eat like a bird you won’t grow all the plain chicken and veg stuff is good but you will never get that impressive size what are your meals like now and your lbs