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Where To Go From Here?


Been doing a lot of research on site and after training for the last 4 years i have really gained a passion for bodybuilding and want to take my training to the next level..

currently im just coming up on week 15 of the following routine
Monday Chest/Back/Calves
Tuesday Shoulders/Traps/Arms
Wednesday Quads/Hamstrings
Thursday Off
Friday Chest/Back/Calves
Saturday Shoulders Traps/Arms

now through my research i have been thinking have i been slowing my gains in hypertrophy by the smaller groups being hit 4 times a week and would i be better with a split such as Chest/Shoulders/Triceps....The only thing that worries me is that currently i am able to do a chest exercise then a back excercise, which allows me to lift my maximum for each exercises, rather then completing my chest routine (say doing flat bench, incline flyes and cable flyes) all in a row...

from your experience ( pro bodybuilders) is it more benefitial to do you full chest routine first then do your back routine or whatever you do next in your work out...what is a better method for hypertrophy???

The other thing is i feel my body grows better to the each body part twice a week splits and currently my first two work outs for each muscle group in the week i am completing 3-4 sets of 8 reps then the second time they get hit im completing 10-12 reps for 3 sets...it has been a great routine and my strength has definitely increase and i have gained some muscle but i am becoming very serious in my bodybuilding and would like some advice on moving forward

whats your guys thoughts as i really want to progress further and really give it a good crack

thanks for your help


i dont think u should training cheat and back together. at all


Shut the fuck up.



enough said about back and chest together


To the OP:



Guys, I am not sure the OP isn't also the troll. I will try to move these threads to the beginners forum.