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Where to Go from Here...

Hello T-Nation forums,
It’s been a while since I have posted here. Looking for some ideas on where to go and how to proceed training wise. Lil history for those who care to read. Was working w/ online trainer but as mentioned before I just didnt feel I was getting best out of it and that his heart was in it anymore seeing as he would go M.I.A for 5-6 weeks at a time or be consistantly late for our phone calls by 3-4 hours. But decided to tuff it out and try for contests in the natural arenas but after a hammy tear and having just ABSO no luck w/ before mentioned trainer. I find myself sliding on diet and due to injury unable to work out very hard.

What would the community as a whole suggest for someone in my place? I have had some friends tell me take a month or two off. Let connective tissue and CNS repair itself some. Others are urging me to perhaps drop the natural part. While others are thiking maybe instead of bodybuilding I try male fitness model (jokes are welcome here btw). I guess I am looking for new trainer as well. For diet/supp/and training. If anyone has some thots on my lil situtation I would appreciate their input.

Give us some more info… Stats, pics (if you feel like it), what numbers you’re putting up… protein intake per day, overall cals… Current training… Details on your injury(ies) and how you got them… How long have you been training…

Stats :
Height: 6’1"
Weight : 183lbs
Bodyfat: 6%

Was previously training completely all natural for 3 yrs bout 5 days a week for last 6 months tho its been 6 days a week. I am very form oriented and so my weights my not be high but say for squats I put ass to calve and for me becuase I am tall and have 16.5" calves its putting butt on ground. Squats would be 275 as mentioned for 7-8 reps no spot, Bench 275- 6 reps, Deadlifts 315- 8. Hamstring Injury was doing Stiff Leg Dumbells Lifts 20 reps 4 sets 75lbs last set was coming up heard pop and bailed on weight. No swelling or discoloration but Doc says severe strain and now I have 1 month of physical therapy and not cleared to really kill it on legs :slight_smile: Diet very clean example for Day before all this news and break w trainer

Meal 1 - 4 eggs whites, 1 cup Oatmeal, Protein Shake
Meal 2- Protein Shake 2 wasa crackers
Meal 3- Turkey and salad
Meal 4- Protein shake and OJ
Meal 5 Chicken and Veggies
Meal 6 Chicken or Shake to go to bed w/
Mind this was supposed to be a pre contest diet so restricted calories and such, I was supping CLA, 7-Keto, Danndy Root, Multi-Vit, and Glutamine ( NO- Xplode pre work out)
I have been training for 5 yrs and 2 years very seriously basically only 3 weeks of actual time of in those 2 yrs.

Mon- Chest and Bi
Tues - Shoulders Abs
Wed- Legs
Thurs -Back and Tris
Fri- Cardio and circuit work out
Sat- Calves Abs and Back
Sun- Off

Here is pic in posing suit from 3 weeks ago… I have good abs when I am not posing them but whenever I try and pose them then just flatten out and I just get flat…So any suggestions there to would be welcome

I have few others to but I think that should be sufficient my lagging parts hams,calves, arms and posing abs :slight_smile: