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Where to Go From Here?


Hey whats up?
Im just looking for some advice, I have just over a years training under my belt.
Most recently (last 2 months) I've been doing Jim Wendlers 5/3/1, it has improved my lifts but the actuaal weight I lift is not as important to me as looking good (at this time at least)

A rough idea of my current stats are:
19 years old
90kg bench
100kg squat (very strict form I do heels elevated and slow down im sure its a very good form as i had been doing heavier but improved my form and the weight went down but i feel better about it)
130kg deadlift
65kg military press

So ive been thinking of doing that 5 day GVT split that was posted recently for a little extra size for summer (bout 6-8 weeks) then go back on 5/3/1 and do some cardio with it to drop bodyfat.

I want to look as big and good as possible for summer!
When is the right time to start cutting? I think my body will respond well to cardio as I have done it maybe 2-3 times in the last 13 months (was awfully skinny when i started training)

So feel free to give me advice id really appreciate it!


At 81kg you probably have a ways to go before you look GOOD cut down. If 5/3/1 is working for you, why change it up? Keep pushing the weights, keep eating, don't worry about fixing something that isn't broken. Even if you wanted to lean out there's really no reason to change a routine that you're having success on.

Also, why are you squatting with heels elevated? You'll see better results by fixing whatever issues keep you from doing full depth squats with your heels flat.


Heels elevated creates better quad stimulation, all other points I agree on.

OP, just fill out your frame with muscle...big shoulders, traps, chest, legs, arms, and back all look real good regardless of abs or not.


I would not recommend GVT, it uses such light weight you would lose nearly all strength gains from the 5/3/1; and while strength may not be your primary goal, do you really want to undo what you've just spent a year working for? The good thing about 5/3/1 is that it is a flexible template, giving you a set approach for the main lift but leaving the accessory work down to you, letting you do whatever you need to do to work towards your main goal.

So just aim the accessory work more at hypertrophy (i.e. 3-4 x 8-12) and target the "show" muscles, i.e. shoulders, upper chest, traps, arms (not completely ignoring everything else, just focussing on these a bit more). Hope that helps? If you want a more specific example, post your training schedule and I'll fill in the blanks.


Ok well I train 4 times a week

Usually like this -
Monday- Shoulders
Tuesday- legs
(wed or thurs) Chest
Fri Back
Weekend off

Usually here is exactly what i was doing

MP 5/3/1
Seated shoulder press with db 4x8
Superset dips 4x8 with incline bicep curls 4x8
superset close grip bench with zottman curls 4x8
superset rear delt raises 4x10 with upright row 4x10
one arm lateral raises (sometimes with cable) 4x12 or 3x15 depending on time

Squat 5/3/1
leg curl 4x10
squat press 4x 8-10
stiff leg deadlift or single leg curl 4x8
calf raise 4x20

Wed/thurs (depending on college and stuff)
Bench 5/3/1
Incline bench 4x8
decline bench (only started recently and have been using dbs) 4x8
chest press machine 4x12
then these db flies on a flat bench where my arms go out in a Y (saw them last week from a trainer and loved them so swapped used to be just cable chest flies)

Deadlift 5/3/1
overhand narrow grip pullups (grip is usualy fucked) 5x5 (when i fail i jump and let myyself down slow like 3-4 seconds)
One arm db rows 4x8
wide grip bb row 4x8
shurgs 4x20 (with plates)

anyadvice would be appreciated!


Periodization bible template, hitting 5 sets of 20 for most assistance exercises


You suggesting I change the reps on my assitance work from 4x8 to 5x20?
What would that achieve? Size?
thanks for the comment brah


Lol no..don't do that, 4x8 is fine. Adding in a 20 rep finisher on some some movements isn't a bad idea though (at the end of your workout).


thanks k-man you never steer me wrong! What do you think about the workout as a whole though? any suggested changes?


Your monday seems like too much volume, considering you are doing 9 different lifts on the day spread over only 3 body parts. I'd recommend dropping maybe one of the curls and definitely the upright rows. Upright rows can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to shoulder health: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/five_exercises_you_should_stop_doing_forever


Thanks for the advice, yeh i read that before and after i read it i swapped to doing them with dumbells atleast
would you reccomend taking one of the supersets out and moving it or just taking it out completely?

I appreciate all the advice guys as Im only 1 year into my training, I train my ass off but still need a little guidance!


I think it looks fine man, keep up the big eating and grow. Make sure you really "feel" the accessory lifts too.


Thanks my dude,
Il stick it out with the 5/3/1 100kg bench press would be real nice before summer! Id say my 1RM is at about 92kg atm but without trying it out I wont know for sure!

for assistance work, I know if i can get 4x8 the weight is too light so i normally aim for something i can lift for 4 sets of 6-8 reps (usually 8,8,7,6) do you think i should go a little light and aim for 8-10?

Finnally noticing some development of my chest though with those flies i was talking about and its only been 2 weeks im over the moon with them!


Lol nah, 6-8 is good. Stick to what your doing, you learn better that way.

Oh, and if your worried about how you look THAT much...just do like 30 minutes of incline walking here and there. Just enough to "feel good", you'll know when you hit your sweet spot on it.


6-8 or 8-10 do you really think there is that much of a different? Strength may not be your overall goal but lift like it is and eat for size. If you are strong, chances are you're going to look strong which will be more aesthetically pleasing.


What he said


Cheers guys appreciate it!
Il put pics up on my profile after this phase of 5/3/1 (deload ended friday so next phase starts monday) if anyone is interested to see how its going.

Thanks for all the advice