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Where To Go For Strength?


Hello, I'm new to the forum, slightly new to lifting in general. Most of my lifting experience was done during wrestling season where I gained little besides technique due to some extreme cutting ( I got down to 125 some times, a weight I truly am not meant for.)

I started lifting half a year ago and started lifting smart a few months ago with CW's programs and a bulking routine. I'm now coming close to the end of ABBH II and am not sure where to go.

I'm continuing my bulk but would like to focus on my maximal strength. CW's SFM seems to be the logical follow up but I was also intrigued by CT's Pendulum Training for Powerlifters and Westside for Skinny Bastards.

I know this is very annoying but I just wanted some anecdotal experience from anyone whose tried the programs or anyone who has a better one in mind.

Thanks in advance.


Those are all good looking programs, it just depends on how much overall volume you're used to.

I did well with CW's SFM after ABBH I & II, but right now I'm really loving the Westside style template that I'm doing.

WSSB I think, is more for an athlete or someone who runs a lot in their sport, but I've read a lot of guys having great results with it.

You can also find out more about westside at elitefts.com

They have a lot of great articles there, or you can look up any article here by Dave Tate, or Eric Cressey.