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Where to Go for Reliable Research?


Where do I go to get reliable research?

I have been asked to write a few articles and I need uptodate scientific opinions.

Pub med is a good start.

What else is out there?


science direct is my favorite


medlines not bad either



i use pubmed and scitopia the most. there's medline, and questia is another one, but it yields a lot of book entries, which is kinda ghetto, but it might work for your project.

you can also research individual journal's websites too. used to be that nothing was online without paying to read it, but now you can get most abstracts right from the source. what subjects do you need research on?


Web of science

google scholar is surprisingly good

What subject are the articles on?

Some subject areas have semi popular journals with review type articles written by experts and designed to be introductions which are written at a level a science grad can understand fully without too much jargon. Eg Elements for the Geological field.


As lou21 said, Google scholar is pretty good for some quick finds. Additionally, JSTOR is usually my main-stay. Does your school have some kind of online library where it links you to sites like JSTOR? The school should be able to give you these services for free (in most cases).


I use FASEB every now and then in addition to Pubmed and Medline, also, since I am affiliated with a University, I also use SpringerLink;




What kind of science you looking into?

Are you affiliated with a school? If so, you can use the big search hubs like ebscohost or academic search primer.

Otherwise, Pubmed is def good for general science.

You can also go to Sage, big publisher in articles


If you don't have access to these sites and don't know all the journals that might publish related to your topic, I'd advise you to also go through Google Scholar (I know it sounds ridic). But basically you can find some of the most relevant and recent articles (make sure they're from a peer reviewed journal) - once you get those articles you can go through their lit reviews to find more recent and relevant material. If you find, say, 5 of the most recent articles published on this topic, you'll see that the literature starts to get redundant.

Also, some cat recently put up a thread about free academic sites here in GAL (too lazy to look up), but some of those links could be helpful.