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Where to Go for Good Recovery? (Chiro, Scraping, Cupping, etc.)

I’m thinking about going to a chiro soon, but im also interested in trying out some scraping and cupping for recovery and just over all health. I’ve looked at some PT’s websites near me and non of their sites say specifically if they can do it. Just curious if anyone has got it done, and if its normal for most orthopedics and PTs to have such services?

One thing along the scraping lines that I’ve done is Airosti. They seem to be very regionally concentrated. One of the trainers at my gym has tried the goa shoa or whatever you call it and he said it was really good.

Don’t waste time and money until you’ve tried everything else. In other words when:

  1. Your diet is on point
  2. Your supplement protocol is on point
  3. You sleep enough
  4. You minimize stress
  5. You have no muscle imbalances
  6. Your fitnes level is good
  7. Your work capacity is high

When you get these right, then all the other PT/Chiro/Massage/witchdoctor stuff MIGHT help you. They CANNOT make up for crappy training and lifestyle choices.

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Yeah perfect world I think every one who trains heavy/seriously should see a chiro every 6 months or so and get their back freed up. Ask around though, as can vary a lot between individual therapists.

I’d go with ART over scraping.

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What does “get their back freed up” mean exactly?

If you program correctly, and work all spinal functions:

  1. Isometric contraction - Deadlift, Squat, RDL, Famers carry, etc
  2. Extension - Hypers, 45 degree back raises with extension at the top.
  3. Flexion - Reverse hyper, roundouts, round back GM light
  4. Rotation - Palloff press, medicine ball twists
  5. Side bending - Old school DB sidebends

If this is all in your program and correctly performed you won’t ever need to be “freed up”. Spend money of something other than witch doctors.

The absolute best lifters and athletes like Dorian Yates and Tom Brady recommend it so good enough for me.
However I totally accept that there’s a significant minority of chiros who dont help.

Like i said you need to fish around.
Also my guy uses a "Pro Adjuster/Sigma " machine which for me is waaay better than the old school manual stuff.

Anyway, cool thats working for you just stick with that then

I’ve had good luck with trigger point therapy, fascial massage, chiro, and AIRROSTI over the years. Especially in the beginning when I moved from a sedentary lifestyle to lifting. All sorts of things flared up and the professionals helped keep me on track.

These days, I spend very little time with practitioners, and have found that pre-hab, notably body tempering using the ex-wife and foam rolling, has done wonders for my mobility and keeping me out of the doctors’ offices.

Don’t forget about about DIY soft tissue work like with foam rollers and a lax ball for those hard to hit spots.

Anything to improve blood flow is great too. This could be recovery sessions where you just do a little work to get the blood flowing, contrast showers, even just ending all your normal showers with cold water will help some.

I apologize in advance if I’m preaching to the choir.