Where to Go After HSS 100 Orginal Program

I have about a week left of the original hss 100 program and I am wondering what program you guys think I should do after this one. I plan on taking about a week off to recover but really have no clue what program to take on after the week off.

I loved this program bc it was a pure bodybuilding program I gained at least 15 pounds of lean mass and I’m looking to keep touch with the body part split progams but just change things up a little…

Also, do you know how long Christian Thibaudeau says to wait to complete this program again? Thanks.


btw I really enjoy doing CT’s programs. before this I had completed the superhero workout and OVT…

I you got good results from the program stick with it, take a week off or back off a little if you feel you need it.

I know there are variations of the HSS-100 from CT, each of them focus on different body part, so you could continue with the HSS-100 protocol and focus on a lagging bodypart or just stick with the original version.

If it works don’t break it.

As it works well for you keep it as your “A” program. Try something different for a month that catches your eye, deload again and go back to it and you will make continual gains.

yea that is what i’ll probably do, even though it feels like it isn’t right but i know its best for my body… any more suggestion on a good hypertrophy program?