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Where to Get Tires in NJ?


Hey guys, figured this would be a good place to ask. Anyone know of any good places to pick up tires for tire flips in central/northern NJ? I have been training powerlifting but was possibly looking to switch to strongman.

Also, I am a volunteer wrestling coach at a high school and would like to use tires for some conditioning drills with the kids, I already have sandbags, kegs, sledge hammers, etc. Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.


You may want to check some local construction companies to see if they have any heavy equipment tires that are no longer in working condition. The tires are expensive to recycle so they would much rather give them to someone than have to recycle them.

There are quite a few strongman groups up there so if you do not have any luck just shoot me a PM and I will ask around.


Ok, I'll call around and see what I can find. If I don't have luck I'll definitely contact you. Thanks a lot.