Where to Get Testosterone Test?

Lately I haven’t been feeling like my usual self. I was looking into getting a t test done to see where my levels are at. Would my family doctor be alright to go to or someone like a urologist? I looked around my areas and there are no TRT doctors within 50 miles of me.

Family doc can run the tests no problem.

Would you be willing to pay out of pocket for labs?

alot should be tested and not just testosterone.

I starter panel to just check testosterone would be.




Total testosterone

Free testosterone


This is very basic and I wouldn’t suggest starting anything without further testing beyond this

Could they also check vitamin d and thyroid in that test as well? A friend was telling me that a thyroid that isn’t working properly can also have that same symptoms of low test.

Absolutely and they should!!

Read the lab testing sticky.

The problem is most docs get there feathers in a bunch if you ask for to much at once but for sure you must try an test everything you can to get a clear diagnostic of how your body is working!! Even the adrenals should be tested…

where r the stickys?