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Where To Get Test


ok ive been looking into seroids for awhile now and have heard u guys talking about it all over the place. i feel stupid asking this but if somebody could tell me where to get it or point me in the right direction.

i know no one will post it on here for legal reasons but a PM or advice would help


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Where to get test... a difficult question. You can go to the Super Walmart. I hear they have all sorts of test. From my experience they have: pregnancy test (it's pretty popular as it stays active for up to nine months), aquarium/pool water test (I personally wouldn't go with water-based stuff for a first cycle), a geology practice test (this stuff doesn't cause much bloat so you'll be rock hard), and if you're really lucky you might be able to get a taste test (though this requires multiple administrations per day). I'd stay away from an IQ test if I were you, it liekly won't be dosed high enough to have much effect.


My last post was just for fun. In all seriousness you should read the "Steroid Newbie Thread."


It might seem really large, but most of the pertinent information about steroids--what they are, what they do, which one does what, doses, PCT, et cetera--is all in the beginning portion of the thread. Everyone here will answer legitimate questions from people who have done their homework. Your assignment is to read the thread and absorb what you don't already know (it might be a lot). A lot of us contributed to the thread so we wouldn't have to answer the simple questions like yours over and over. Instead we could just point you in the right direction.


i get plenty of them at school.


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This is a rather popular topic.... I have been following this board quite a bit lately and reading a lot of the past posts. People on here drop names of quality sources all the time. I know of three or four that I would trust if/when I have learned enough to visit the darkside. I found all of them on here. Just read the board and you will find some good sources.


Just read one post like your and you will learn in a hurry you just screwed yourself!!!


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To the op. Do a bit of research. Sources typically arent discussed openly on this forum, however I know one for sure thats legit has heen thrown out there in the last while.


You're going about this the wrong way, Dean. There are people here who would help you but you have to approach the matter with some intelligence. First, get a decent foundation of knowledge on anabolics by reading the forums, Cy Willson's articles, and everything by Bill Roberts on Mesomorphosis.

There are countless other sites where you can begin to educate yourself, but the ones I listed here are a good start.

Once you have a decent base of knowledge and an idea of what type of cycle would be appropriate for you (and why), review the forums here and make note of the regular contributors who seem to know their stuff. Use the PM function to contact one individual privately and KINDLY ask if they would help you with a reliable source.

If you don't make it apparent that you've done your research and you can communicate intelligently on the topic, you won't get any assistance. Also, if you're under 21 or can't type a complete sentence without five typos, you'll be ignored. NEVER ask for or name a source in the public forums. This will only invite ridicule and ensure that no one will take you seriously.


I second everything ctuck26 just said. Here are some quick links to get you going.

All Bill Roberts articles on Mesomorphosis:

All Cy Willson articles on T-Nation:

All Bill Roberts articles on T-Nation:

All Bill Roberts forum posts on T-Nation:

(edited to fix links)