Where to Get Syringes?

Now I know I can go online to getpinz.com or another medical supply company but why do that when some states are willing to give out free syringes? Here’s my problem…where do I go to get these?

You said it yourself, “some states.”

Can’t answer this question without knowing where you live.

Gosh, I dunno about free syringes, but if you have literally several bucks you can buy syringes at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Shoppers Drugmart, Super Drugmart…

Personally I go to a medical supply, though last time I felt ripped off when I paid $37 CAD for 100 syringes. They were 5ml syringes, all they had at the moment unfortunately. Smaller syringes obviously would be cheaper.

But yeah, free syringes, I can’t help you there. If you can’t afford syringes and needles though I dunno how you can afford anabolics or food for that matter.

Most states don’t regulate insulin syringes. A 25g x 1" is technically an insulin syringe, but great for the injection of oil based compounds. They’re just slow to load…

Im in PA right now for school. but im from hawaii and i know they dont have a free syringe program anywhere. i can afford to spend some money but i just dont want syringes or medical supplies on my credit statement. most walgreens and cvs’ have syringes?

Your credit statement isn’t gonna say what you bought. It’s only guy say where you spent the money…

Edit: Sounds like your parents get your bill.

i get my bills. but my momma is an accountant and ever so handily does my taxes for me =) so whenever i get my bills they go to her

Use cash. Use cash for everything, then ask for a receipt.

Nice life decision…

On second thought, go to a lab and get your levels checked. Get the papers results, research and see if your levels are normal for an (whatever you are) and if they aren’t optimal. Talk to a few doctors about it, until you find one that will actually help you. If that is a waste (which usually isn’t), then go ahead and use them, until you have done that or are above the age of 25-28, no reason to take them.

tractor supply has them for farm animals. get the 22gx1 size. no questions asked.

Tractor supply does indeed have them, so does atwoods.

Yeah, you can get them at Walgreens…

If your folks are getting your credit statement, then you seem a bit young and immature to be using AAS…


i give all my bills and receipts to her because she does my taxes. i just typed that up there^

[quote]bjjwannabe152 wrote:
i give all my bills and receipts to her because she does my taxes. i just typed that up there[1]

Yes you did type that, but failed to explain what a credit card statement has to do with your taxes.

  1. /quote ↩︎

i give all of my bills and receipts to my mom. whats so weird about that?

[quote]bjjwannabe152 wrote:
i give all of my bills and receipts to my mom. whats so weird about that?[/quote]

are you an adult?

im 22. graduating in a month.

ok hold up, to my knowledge and have lived in PA for 34 years plus or minus college and jobs, they DO NOT sell 22-23 gauge 1" - 1" 1/2 pinz at any store in the commonwealth. I hate this state by the way.

Yes they do sell those baby insulin needles but not the ones for AAS / oil.

Now i haven’t checked Tractor supply, and if you were referring to a tractor supply in PA i am sorry. But i am sticking by what i have known to be true until i see it.

the free syringes is true…some drug stores thoguh state…and some clinics give away syringes to help combat sharing needles…depends where you live…they do it in my city