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Where to Get Singlet/Wraps?


Hey guys, im lookin to but a singlet and some wraps. Any suggestions as to where shop online fot these? (best prices possible of course!).

Thanks Fellas


For Inzer brands, you can go to the Inzer website, but I prefer to deal with either House of Pain or IronGladiators. Their prices are often a little better, and their service is almost always better.


elite fitness.


I have a Metal singlet from Elite and I don't really like the fit of it. I have Inzer wrist wraps and they are still going strong after 5 years of use.


I got one from there years ago too; a metal one, and it fit horribly at first.

then i got bigger.


If you want variety in your singlets go to wrestling places like eastbay.com or world wide wrestling.

For wraps I am not sure if you are talking about knee or wrist but either way Inzer, Titan, Elite, and APT should all be good. Some Feds have rules about how long wrist wraps can be so you might want to look that up.

Good luck with it.