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Where to Get Powerlifting Equipment?

can anyone tell me where I might be able to find the proper bar and plates for doing power movements such as deads, clean and jerk etc. I watch these videos and see those bumper plates and see the bar which these guys just drop in b/w reps. I know damn well Im not going to be able to do that with my bar and standard 45lb plates from dunham’s.

Do a search on Google. There are hundreds of places that sell the equipment. Your best bet is probably Ebay or Craig’s List since many people buy the stuff with good intentions, then lose interest and sell it for a fraction of its original cost.

Google muthafucka! But here are a few links for your lazy ass to start with


all of those places are reputable, reliable and popular. There are tons more places out there hawking stuff. Just google around

hey Google’s a bitch. Asking for a reputable retailer from you dickheads is a lot better. that way I dont have to worry about who I’m buying from. thanks for the sites.


Great customer service and quality equipment

Depending on whether you’re more interested in quality than cost, Werksan is an excellent choice. Their website is listed in Robo’s post.

And Pendlay bars rock.