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Where to Get Needles and Syringes?


newbie here just wondering wheres the best place to get these im in utah any info helps thanks.


alright ill give more info. so ive been lifting on and off since i was 16. im 26 i finally found a good quality source to get my gear really im looking to put on about 10-20lbs of muscle since this is my first time im deciding to run a simple cycle. let me introduce my self names ben im 256 lbs 6'2. im not looking for fat loss and im very aware that i will get alot of water weight unless i eat clean. i have insilin syringes that measure in cc's what im planning on doing is test 400 is what its called i have 3 friends that are on it and have made huge gains like incredible like blew my mind how big these guys got in a 3 month time. keep in mind they were lifting and had a good lifting plan from the start and nutrition. but its amazing how big they got in a 3 month time so thats why i decided to say hey lets give this a try.

what im looking to do is 400 mg a week first week 200mg so 1/2 cc then second week 1/2 cc twice in a week then 1 and 1/2 cc from there on out til the 12 weeks is over. i was thinking about combining dianabol but was told not to for my first cycle as ill get all i need from the test. then i can decide if i ever do a second cycle. i bought 20 lbs of protien and some fish oil flax seed oil and some nolvadex. which i was told only take at 10mg to 20 mg as per the symptoms if i do need or dont need. the 3 people ive seen on this havent seen any side effects after the first 3 weeks. with no nolvadex. but i read its good to take. so what im looking for is where is the best place to get syringes and if i need a special kind? nay info will help if its to much ill just go back to my dude have him get them but id like to beable to function on my own to an extent so any info will help. thank you very much.


another question is do i need to refridgerate the test?


No you don't need to refrigerate test. Its cool like it unless you live in a desert with temperatures more than 45 degrees C. (like 110 F)
Needles and syringes? Just go to a vet store and say you need them for B6 injections for your dog... Or a proper pharmacy and lie! 3ml 22G is good.


Why would you ramp the doses like that....thats retarded

Nolvadex is a SERM you shouldn't use that on cycle. You should use it for PCT.

You should use an AI on cycle.

You should inject E3d if your T400 is like what I have seen (enanthate/cyp mix) so 2x a week.

This site has a lot of good info, use it. Start with the sticky by furious george




ok so just order them online then ots1?
thank you for your replys. i was told to cycle that way to make sure my body wont reject it since its my first time but if theres a better way to do it im all game. ive been reading other sites and here as well its a little confusing. but i believe im getting the jist of it and through the vast knowledge of these sites im hoping i can do this painlessly and make sure i see some good gains. what they recommended me to do is a 6 month cycle 3 months on 3 months off. on the 3months off i was thinking of taking Carbolin-19 to help hold the gains as i cut the mass. right now i just wanna get size also have it help heal some other injurys that are healed but i think it will help me push past the plato ive been in for a few years. ill go through the sticky before i ask to many questions. i wanna soke up as much knowledge as i can i purchased 22lbs of whey and 6 lbs of micellar casien to help feed them and spent a couple hundred on food lean meats and lots of greens to help with the protien synthesis.

what other supplements would you recommend if you dont recommend me taking nolvadex during? where i seen that is to take as needed. according to one site. thank you very very very much for all your info.


LOL that's awesome. I gotta use that sometime.


With questions like that, you probably are not ready for the AAS step.


achilles of war haha im just asking where to buy them as you can see with out having a perscription they are illegal... hence why i asked. i bench 365 theres not many ppl at my gym military pressing more then that. im not looking for advice thats why i didnt ask i was more of asking where you would buy the needles and what gadge you would recommend.

as per what the forums for aint it? i can get em from the supplier. but i wanted to be able to get them myself and seen this forum had ideas. i already searched google thats a no brainer i was just wondering if there was a preferred site or a preffered method on how to get them. hence the fact 90% of the sites cant ship to some states with out perscriptions.

ive done research. and i can read all day long but asking a individual who has used them and has purchased locally in my state or on a site is the only real way to know.. one controlled deliverys and other perks that can happen from ordering illegally online. thanks for your concern.... but reading all day long about a subject doesnt compare to learning from an individual. hence the usage of the forums. sorry for the newbie questions but hey we all gotta start somewhere.