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Where to Get MP3 Downloads?


where do you download songs for your player or cellphone?

any help much appreciated


Limewire... but DO NOT download any files you need to open/decompress as it most likely is a virus. Some of the risk I suppose for free downloads.





I'm sorry,

But I have to say it.

That's piracy. Apart from the fact it's illegal, it's simply unethical.
Give the artists the support they deserve, and pay for what you get. Don't steal, buy it legally, but more importantly, show some integrity and support the artists - even when no one else can see what you're doing.

If you don't mean that, I'm sorry. A good legal place is iTunes.

Take it easy mate,
Keep safe, keep it real and have fun.


Google : "name of the artist or the album" + Torrent


www.beemp3.com is very good
or just find it on youtube then use Free youtube to MP3 converter by dvdsoft,to extract the music from th video.(Its a freeware)


Where I'm from, artists make most of their money from gigs and live events, not cd sales. If the music is good, buy it either way, but I won't pay £15 for a 12 track cd which has 1 or 2 songs worth listening to.

I download movies too, if they're good, I buy them on DVD. Same goes for software.


It's a flawed logic. I don't care where they make 'most of their money' from, it's only because people don't pay for their CD's. Plus, your logic of not paying for a 12 track CD, which only has 1 or 2 songs you want to listen to, doesn't work either. There is such thing, and has been for a while, such thing as buying single songs online. It's not hard.

You can't 'try before you buy'. Chances are, you still keep it any way. You don't need to illegally download a song, just so you can see if it's 'okay'. You can listen to plenty of songs streamed from the websites, and every song you can get a 30 second preview.

You don't walk down the street, see a nice car and steal it to take it for a test drive to see if you like the car and then keep it if you don't. So don't have double standards. The only reason people do it, is because it's so easy to get away with it. It says something pretty sad about someones character if the only reason they don't do do something is because there's a chance of getting caught.

There's a lot of talk about being real T-Men and the likes around here. Well, lets make it true. Lets be men with honor, integrity and morals. Lets be men who will do the right thing, and be happy with not having everything we want in life, because we realize it is a far more precious life to love others; then steal from them for our own good.


When I was more into the band scene a few years back, bands that I was friends with were more than happy for us to share their music for free, as longs as we attended their gigs. I do pay for single tracks too, I was just making a point that I wouldn't buy an entire album for 1 or 2 songs.

Actually I can, and do. I don't keep music that I don't listen to - what would be the point of that? If I don't keep what I don't like, no ones getting hurt at the end of the day.

You're right, I don't steal a car - I go to a dealer and test drive it. Regardless of how I obtain my music, I pay for 99% of what I keep, although I'm likely a minority.

You probably think it's wrong to download a tv series too, huh?


thanks guys

...yeah i know its piracy and unethical but i cant afford it, my money goes mostly for my food and school


Lmao @ preaching the morality of downloading stuff. For music I use Frostwire, it's like Limewire but faster and seems to have less viruses and shit floating around, give it a shot.



frostwire even looks cooler on my desktop haha

fuckk that stupid ass lime making me look all fruity lol

but I used to use limwire and it seems to have more files for some reason

but yea frostwire is alot safer I've had no problems with it


yea singers are really doing it tough...


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