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Where to get me some hydrolysates in Australia

Well guys, i’m a poor 19 year old uni student who’s spent way too much on supplements in the past. If you want reasonably good whey at good value, get the Prolab Pure whey 2.27kg which is only AUS 78 and which would last you at least a month even with heavy use. Unfortunately, the Biotest products in Australia are REALLY expensive…the distributor is Body Performance Gear in perth. I’ve tried tribex and it cost like 80 bucks a bottle. Personally, i find that the Australian brands like Musashi, Aussie Bodies and Maxs taste really bad, are poor quality and give me plenty of gas. Additionally, i had a troubleshooting report with Ian King and he didn’t like Musashi either…said it was poor quality. Besides that, the other American brands like Prolab and Champion Nutrition taste quite good (chocolate only) and are mainly whey. Hope this helps.