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Where to Get Equipment?


Hey guys. I've been doing some looking in amazon and pullum sports but Im not sure which ones are best so I'll leave the question here see if anyone can answer it.

Im looking for some knee sleeves and an olympic weightlifting belt to buy over the internet, preferrably from a UK source so it comes faster but can also get it from USA if you guys think they are better.

Can you guys give me some link to a good set of knee sleeves and a belt? Thanks guys


I use the Vulkan knee wraps and really like them. They also cost less than a lot of the other ones available.
I can't remember where I bought them, but I believe they are actually more popular in the UK than here in the States, so you shouldn't have a problem finding them.

I did a quick google search and found this;



You can get Rehband knee sleeves from Strength Shop, marginally more expensive than the Vulkans but spoken of much more highly. If you only want them for squatting and maybe C&J then I'd get the Strength Shop Thor ones though as they're awesome.

Beltwise you don't need anything fancy, just your bog standard tapered leather lifting belt, or even a nylon/velcro one.


hey guys, thanks for the helpful replies!

I'll deffinetly look into those 2 knee wraps.

Regarding belt, I currently have a Gold's Gym belt. Would this be allowed in competition?


As long as it's not wider than 4" it'll be fine in comp.


An Eleiko belt :slightly_smiling: