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Where to get cheap plates/fixed db's?

ANyone know where you can get cheap dbs fixed(less than 75c per lb) or cheap olympic plates (less than 50c per lb) in the Boston area, or burbs? Thanks Ed

Out here in the Seattle area we have a chain called “Play it Again Sports”, that sells overstock and used equip. They sell plates for $.30/lb. You might have something similar in your area. Also, keep an eye on local classifieds.

That’s funny–as soon as I saw your post, I was going to recommend PIAS, but someone beat me to it. I’m in MA, and I just picked up some ultra-cheap Olympic bars (a curl bar and dumbbells) at PIAS. Definitely check them out (the PIAS I went to was in Nashua, New Hampshire, but I think they’re in Boston, too).

Ed, IF you’re anywhere Rt1 in Saugus, you can try Exercise Stuff on the north bound side (they are also in Pembroke I think). I know their plates go for 0.35 perlb, I’m not sure about the fixed DBs but I don’t think they are anywhere near .75. They also have tons of other stuff ie Racks, benches, bars, I have a shrug bar on order from them now. Steve