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Where to Get Boss Briefs Gridstitched?

This is the first time I have ever had to grid stitch a pair of briefs or alter any gear in general. Where should I get this done? I don’t need anything else but the stitching. What thread should be used and what cost should be expected. Thanks!

@corstijeir is the first guy I think of on here when I think geared powerlifting, maybe he can help you.

Now that I’ve attempted to help, I can tell you that I thought this was the off topic forum and I was temporarily genuinely under the impression that you were asking where you could get your boss’s tattered briefs stitched up. Sounds like a brutal job.

Back in the day at the height of multiply lifting Ginny Phillips was the go to seamstress for all gear alterations. I have to assume she’s still in that game as her website was updated recently. Go to ginnyspowergear.com.

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@EasternHammer Ginny is the OG for sure.

@masswalt you could call anderson powerlifting and ask them. What the cost would be, all titan briefs that are now sold are grid stiched as far as I’m aware.

Anderson does good work on alterations, and since they are a titan reseller I bet they’d do it for you.

I thought they were all grid stitched till I ordered them direct from titan and they came without any! They came two days ago the 2 ply ones

Thats odd, yeah even on the site it looks non grid stitched.

I will say the sizes changed between the old and new style too. I’m not sure if grid stitching will adjust the size any but i’d call up anderson.

They are super nice.

My mom did my titan’s. Before that I just went to a local seamstress.

You wouldn’t know the needle or thread she used, would you?

You wouldn’t know the needle or thread she used, would you?

You just need regular needle and good nylon upholstery thread.

Just a heavier thread and a sewing machine

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