Where to Get Bloodwork Now?!

Unfortunately, DirectLabs has stopped serving CT, NY, RI and MA residents. PrivateMDLabs and any other ones I could find won’t do it either.

Does anyone have ideas? I would really like to get blood work done. I understand I could just let me GP know why I want it and get it done–and I’ll do that if there’s no solution, but I like him and would like to avoid potentially creating an issue with him if possible. .

Anyway, this law seems to apply to RESIDENTS, as opposed to just within the confines of a state. It sounds like I would be turned down for the bloodwork even if I went to an out of state lab. Does anyone have a workaround, or found a place where they are not sticklers for that sort of thing?

I’m willing to travel to one of the states that permits the tests. That’s really not a big deal.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Personally I use lef.org, which in turn uses Labcorp. I don’t know if they have the same restrictions.