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Where to Get Anaconda?


Thib - Where can a man get his hands on some Anaconda? Just cycled off some pretty hectic Army training that put me out in the desert for months -- now we are back and crankin but...
Can you help a brother out?
Brian Cook
LTC, US Army


lol, been out in the heat too long huh


It's not out yet...


He's a LTC, this demands that he gets Anaconda right now! I'm cereal.




i want some too


I'm kind of a big deal...

Can I get some Anaconda too?




Has a release date been put on the program?


Wow sir, what is it with the majority of guys in the Army being this way?

I once had an airborne fella introduced to me and say "Hey, I'm Chad, I kill people for a living. I've seen combat a time or two... [as he looked down at those silly strips on his cuff]" And he was dead serious. I am a Marine and had been out for a few years at this point, so I didn't say a thing, just laughed at the guy thinking to myself who the hell hasn't seen combat in these conflicts!?

Anyway, back to the Anaconda...


It would be nice to get an ETA on when I, Bodybuilder and Anaconda are going to be released.

The suspense, it is unbearable! D=


Probably coming out fast, because products in the protocol, their prices went down...all of them, so I, BODYBUILDER and Anaconda are to come in my opinion


Thanks Charles, I just noticed the drop on the Grow! Whey and thought I was losing it.