Where to Get a Tire & Sled?

  1. A tire for GPP type exercises. (Probably a used old random tire would be cheaper/best option)

  2. Sleds for sprints, drags or other general stuff


Not the type of equipment a bodybuilder would use. Try asking in the strength sports forum. Those guys like to flip and throw heavy things.

Although dragging a sled would be a great way to end a leg workout.

You should be able to pick up a used tire from any tire yard, junk yard, tractor supply store, etc. for pretty cheap. From what I have heard, these guys will be happy to get rid of one, and if you pay, you are getting overcharged.

As far as sleds go, it depends on what you want. Something cheap and easy, just get a child’s sled. Something professional, go to Elitefts.com and you will see one that is meant to be plate loaded. Not cheap, but well made, you can also get harnesses for it.

While your are getting the big tire, get a smaller one to use as a push/pull sled.