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Where to Get a Theraputic Phlebotomy in KS?

So I been trying for 3 weeks now to find someone/somewhere that will take someone on test, with no luck. Red Cross said no. Local blood center said no. And hospital also said no cause the script isn’t from one of their doctors… I’m losing my mind any ideas where to look next, I’m in Lawrence KS.

Thanks for any help!

You got a script for it?

Have your doctor’s office call the Red Cross. They will do it, even regularly, with a prescription order. They’ll send the required paperwork to the doctor.

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The lab that does your bloodwork might even do it.

Im with defy, I’ll definitely ask em if they’ll call red Cross, good idea. WhenI talked to em about before though they try to sell me on a mobile phlebotomy service from them

Of course. Your GP can do it for the RedCross, though he/she may just say since it is due to TRT, let your TRT doctor deal with it. What are your numbers and any side effects?